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Vodafone Trade-In

So how do I swap my kit for value?

In a Vodafone store near you.

  1. Bring in your Mobile Phone(s) to your nearest Vodafone store.

  2. Vodafone store staff will need to ask you 5 simple questions and give you a Trade-In price for your mobile on the spot.

  3. If you are happy with the Trade-In price, Staff will issue you a Vodafone voucher which can be used in-store only on mobiles or accessories.

Online on Vodafone Trade-In.

  1. Simply go to www.vodafone.co.nz/tradein. and search online for your mobile phone.To find out if its one we buy and its estimated value.

  2. Choose the way you would like to be paid and enter your contact details.

  3. A postage paid envelope will be sent to you within 24-48 hours along with your order reference number. Once we have received your mobile, it will be assessed and the estimated value will be validated against its condition.

  4. Once we have confirmed its value, we will pay you by your chosen method within 5 days. If however, after the assessment the mobile is not worth what was originally estimated, we will get in contact with you.

Wow, and no tricks?

Absolutely none. Your items will be assessed against fair market price on our database. You will be offered a valuation which you can accept in cash or use against a Trade-In for something else in store. There is no delay and no postage. There are also no tricks. Unlike many websites that offer an unrealistically high price online but in reality only post out a fraction of that, the price we promise is the price we pay.

Great! Is there a store near me?

The Vodafone network is growing all the time. Why not check the map and see if there is a store near you. If not, there soon will be!

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